Volunteer Opportunities - Make a Difference!

We are incredibly grateful to the volunteers, benefactors, facilitators and teachers who have offered and continue to offer their inspiring skills, time and resources. The potential of The Centre for Compassion & Wisdom to inspire and support others locally and internationally is amazing. Your valuable time, skills and warm heart can help this to happen. There are many opportunities for you to make a difference to others and nourish yourself with new friends and education. We like to have fun and learn more by serving in pairs or teams!
If you would like to help out with planning teacher visits, being on the social Events Committee, planning movie nights, being on the Building Fund Team, or helping with Community Engagement, please contact us at [email protected]


Marketing and Advertising: We would like to get the word out about the centre programs to various communities in the region. Do you know of any locations or organizations where we might let the community know about our programs? Do you have connections to the media to advertise our programs? To help our Communications Coordinator, please email [email protected]