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Our distinctive offerings include Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom programs that are inspired by the 16 Guidelines For Life (mindfulness and universal ethics) and Transformative Mindfulness Methods* (health and medical), both recognized by the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom whose patron is the Dalai Lama, and offered in 23 countries and different languages. We are the only organization in North America that offers the full accredited path to 16 Guidelines for Life international facilitator training.

Courses based on these methodologies have been taught as part of the Applied Mindfulness and Meditation Program through The School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto, as well as being integrated into healthcare, education, corporate and social services settings around the world. Secular ethics, mindfulness and meditation workshops and public talks have helped people of all ages and cultures to become kinder, wiser and healthier. Our local community and social gatherings are held throughout the western Greater Toronto Area.

*For the accredited path to facilitator training, co-certified by Transformative Mindfulness International and University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, transformativemindfulness.com and CCW is honoured to be annual community partner for A Mindful Society Conference.

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