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This 4-session evening course is facilitated by Arunas Antanaitis, BA, BED and Shelley Urlando
Wednesdays, March 25, April 1, 8 and 15, 2020


In this experiential course you will reflect on your motivations, intentions, values and practices in order to contribute to a secular, inclusive, universal and embodied practice. Discussions will surround an ancient set of 16 guidelines inspired by leaders committed to a culture that proposes mindful thought, values, relations and compassion-in-action This course highlights how individuals may embody mindful practices in the everyday. Drawing from an ancient wisdom tradition, translated and stewarded by the Dalai Lama’s foundation in Great Britain, the 16 Guidelines proposes a palette of secular options that cultivate states of the embodied mind. These guidelines can be integrated into everyday life as a secular practice to optimize one’s human potential as well as to promote a civil society. These include states of mind such as: compassion, kindness, authentic speech etc.


  • Understand the concept of the embodied mind.
  • Interpret the ancient document known as the 16 Guidelines both historically and in its contemporary application and usage.
  • Develop your own personal guidelines that will provide the scaffolding of your own embodied practice.


The fee does not include $35.00 cost of the course material, The 16 Guidelines. Please purchase and read it before class. Visit http://centreforcompassionandwisdom.com/shop/

Complete information at https://learn.utoronto.ca/programs-courses/courses/3133-embodying-qualities-mindfulness

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