Update on Dekyi-Lee Recovery

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share our latest update about our dear friend Dekyi Lee.

She has recently moved out of the hospital setting, and is now in a community respite care facility, which is allowing her to continue to work intensively on her healing. She is still transitioning with the new setting, and learning her way through new routines and supports.
Each day is filled with physio and occupational therapy as she works with much effort toward becoming independent in all areas of her life. This is a slow process, but an important one, and also one that takes much energy and focus for Dekyi Lee each day. She is still requesting limited visitors as she devotes her energy predominantly to these activities each day.

Dekyi Lee is mostly walking without her walker now, except when she is very fatigued. Her right side is still numb and hard to work with and each day brings new challenges as the process of healing one thing sometimes gives rise to others. She is aware of this process and is using this mindfulness to help with her day-to-day experience. She recognizes and is embracing the need for a lot of rest in between and after her therapies each day, to allow her mind and body to restore and heal. She is still requesting limited visitors and for these people to remain the same small group of mostly family and caregivers who have been assisting her so that she can continue to devote her precious energy predominantly to these activities each day.

Dekyi Lee continues to be so appreciative of the outpouring of love that she reads about from emails asking how she is, and knows that all of our wishes and prayers are an important aspect of her healing.

Please continue to hold her in your thoughts, heart and prayers.