Update on Dekyi-Lee June 28

As you know, Dekyi Lee went for a reversal of her ileostomy last Monday, which appeared to be successful. Her strength on all levels has amazingly helped her to come through this and the unfolding of events since. On Friday, the surgeon felt she did require another surgery to repair a leakage which they noticed and she had this surgery very early Saturday morning. She is now in ICU where they are keeping her in a state of stillness to allow the inner part of her body to do big healing. She is getting a much needed rest from having to make effort to move, and in a couple of days will undergo one more surgery to completely close and heal this area.
On Friday, she asked that people send her prayers and loving and positive energy, and we believe that now more than ever, she is in a quiet space to truly receive these prayers, and to know how much she is loved by so many.
Please continue in your unique way to hold her lovingly and positively in your thoughts, and know she will be feeling and receiving this in a very deep and grateful way.