Getting Relationships Right: Taking Heart with Compassion and Loving Kindness - with Venerable Amy Miller

Relationships are vital to our well being. The deepest and most reliable way to improve our relationships with others, and become happier and more content, is by improving our relationship with ourselves. Through understanding and working with our own minds, we can find a realistic place of compassion and caring first for ourselves, and can then learn to extend it to those around us.

Our dear friend Venerable Amy Miller is as familiar with the ups and downs of relationship as much as anyone. She has decades of experience using life’s wisdom to practice self-compassion and loving kindness and then move those expressions out to those she encounters. Join us in an experiential exploration of these methods that can dismantle unhealthy habits in our minds and lives that prevent us from waking up to who we really are. Learn how to nurture the relationship with yourself in order to create powerful positive improvements in your relationship with others. For Amy's biography visit

Public Talk: September 16, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Weekend Workshop: September 17th and 18th from 10am to 4:30pm

Location: Native Women's Centre, 21 Rosedene Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario

Fee: $99 early registration fee up to August 31st ($120 thereafter) for the weekend program.
Payment options for students and seniors are available. You can Register here.

For more information call (905)-296-3728 or email [email protected]